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Book Giveaway: START by Jon Acuff

Dreaming is great. Jon Acuff taught me how to dream again after reading Quitter and attending my first Quitter conference. It led me on a road of dreaming and looking for my purpose.

It was exciting and invigorating. There is so much more to life than just being ordinary!

I started looking at everything differently. I realized that my dream mattered. I now understood that I can make a difference right where I am. It challenged me and encouraged me at the same time. But, I also found a pattern starting.

I started searching for purpose. I wasn’t LIVING with purpose. I wanted to get to a destination that would tell me, “THIS is your purpose.” But, let me tell you where that road typically leads. The land of FRUSTRATION.


I’ve been a fan of Jon’s for a while now. If you follow my blog, you are well aware of this. His writing and speaking move me. He has a great way explaining ideas in a simple, yet powerful way. It’s why I am happy to promote his work. I am constantly pointing people to his blog, books and events. It’s why I’m so excited about his upcoming book, START, which releases tomorrow! I had the privilege of attending START Night in Nashville, and I’m also a part of his launch team for the book.  I know this book is going to help so many people, which is why I’m excited about sharing it.

One of my favorite parts of the book addresses the topic of purpose. Here’s a small excerpt of what Jon says in START:

How will you know when you’re living with purpose instead of trying to find purpose? When you stop worrying about the great wall of purpose. That might feel impossible at first because it’s so massive. It stretches miles and miles in either direction. It’s 1,000 feet tall and disappointingly close to the starting line.

It stands like a sentinel on the path to awesome. We can’t dig under it. We can’t scale it. We can’t break through it. But, there is a door right there in the middle of the wall. You can see the land of awesome through the keyhole. You can hear awesome if you put your ear against the door. You know awesome is just on the other side. But the great misconception is that you need a key to open the door. You don’t.

The door is unlocked. You just need to turn the knob and walk through it.

That’s the first secret about purpose. The door has been open the whole time. Push the door open and take the next step into awesome.

The second secret about purpose is that it usually finds you. Purpose is attracted to motion.


I loved that!! While I had started dreaming and make changes, I would often find myself getting somewhat stuck at the purpose part. Now, I am learning to live with purpose. There are so many other great ideas in this book. I could write about it for months. But, I won’t, because I want you to either win it, or take advantage of the awesome pre-order special that ends tonight.

Jon gives practical advice about living a better life. A life of purpose and hope. Not only that, he gives you practical steps to make it happen. This book is about starting something. I’m a big reader. I love to learn and attend conferences. I love to soak it all in. But, sometimes, you need to START.

What do you need to START?

Leave a comment below to be entered to win. I’ll choose a winner at 6 p.m. Central, so you still have time to pre-order the book if you don’t win.



  1. I think you already know that I want this book! LOL I am a “Quitter”, leaving my J-O-B almost 2 years ago to pursue my dream. Recently, some circumstances have pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’m struggling a bit with questions of “What next?”.

    Thanks so much for being a part of this and giving others the opportunity to “Punch Fear in the Face!”

  2. Thanks, Wendy! Quitter changed my life too. Start has been an awesome next step.

  3. Although I have spend a few years planning and preparing to begin a ministry to reach out to women struggling with depression, my husband told me “it is time to stop talking about it and just do it.” So I am ready to just START !!! I would love to have a copy of Jon’s book to give me a clear direction and solid encouragement. Thanks

  4. Tammy this book sounds like just what I need I find myself stuck at this time I have been trying to get a job for 4yrs and wondering why I have all these interviews and nothing comesof it I also recently lost my mom who was my best friend and I feel lost with her I am at a stand still with my life .

  5. Want to read this!

  6. Email me your address please. I’m giving away multiple books.

    • Thanks so much Tammy. I emailed you my address. Is there a code we need to put in to get the bonus material? Again your generosity sparked me to pay it forward to someone else. Blessings!

  7. Sister. I have seen reviews of this book and have been waiting to snag a copy! I have a small business and I constantly flirt with how successful I want it to be – mostly I’m paralyzed that if I put too much into it and it fails, I’ll be a big. fat. failure. It’s time to hike up my britches and just DO it.

  8. Did you already give this book away? Regardless…just thinking about reading his book has inspired me already and the quote you posted from the beginning of the book sums up my thoughts and feelings well. I actually attended the Quitter conference too (which is how I think I started following you on twitter :) Life has been chaotic and I have felt fairly directionless. But as I think about life- and about the concept of average vs. awesome- I am definitely on the average track but want more for my life and want my boys to see their parents striving for more a inspired life. does that make sense?

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