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Book Giveaway: Memories of Finding Faith by Heidi Kreider

I was so excited to read my friend Heidi’s second book. I loved her first book, The Secret of Counting Gifts, and couldn’t wait to read the next book in the series. I don’t read much fiction anymore, but this story captivated me.

I also always love when a second book in a series goes in exactly the opposite direction of where I would have expected it to go. It reminds me of how our imaginations are so different.


Here’s a description of the book from Heidi.

Some people look back on a certain day as the day they found faith. It takes others, like Rob Adams, years of living to find the joy and peace a life of faith can bring. Through the letters of his friend, Liz, Rob revisits the memories of his life… early childhood trauma that led to adoption, a severe accident that opened the door to prescription drug addiction, and an incredible music career that led him back to the woman he always loved. These things swirled together through the tapestry of his life to help him eventually find the peace and joy faith in Jesus Christ brings.

I relate to Rob’s story. Sometimes, we have to dive into our past to truly understand our faith. Heidi has a great writing style that draws you into the story. We can relate to the characters, and learn lessons from their experiences.

I am excited to give away a signed copy of Heidi’s book to one of my readers. Leave a comment below to enter.



  1. I loved Heidi’s first book and can’t wait to read what happens next! Love to read stories that even though they are fiction, challenge us to love and serve our Saviour and to keep our focus outward. :)

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