I think of you so often.

I think of:

conversations we had

your contagious smile

how you lit up a room with your presence

your perseverance

your honest words

I think of all the lessons you taught me.

These lessons:

Speak from your heart. Always.

Smile. It’s infectious.

Take time to listen to others.


Never give up on people.

Pay it forward.

Treasure every moment, every hour, every day.

Be thankful for everything, even if it’s hard.

Ask for prayer when you need it.

Give yourself completely to others.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Surround yourself with amazing people.

Tell your friends and family what you want.

Start on your bucket list.

Celebrate life. No matter what you are going through.

Much love.


Jamie's Signature tag line

Jamie’s Signature tag line

I keep your picture on my bulletin board. It helps me remember to live. It helps me remember to treasure each day I am alive. But, honestly, some days, I don’t do a very good job of remembering. I get irritated, and waste time on things that don’t matter. I get caught up in the mundane day-to-day things instead of celebrating them and being thankful for everything I have. But, somehow, you continue to remind me.

I’ll see a picture of your sweet daughter on Facebook, or I’ll hear your song on the radio, or I’ll think about the project that I know you want me to finish.

And then I remember that life is so short. And we all need to enjoy it more. And I continue to try to spread hope with my words. Just like you did for so many of us.

You didn’t let your disease define your life. You lived life to the fullest and in the process, you taught us how to live.

I am determined to do the same.

Live life to the fullest.

Love well.

Spread hope.

Seeing this video again brought tears, and also joy. Two years later, you continue to inspire and encourage me to live.

Much love, Jamie!