Are you a writer?

Do you want to start a blog?

Do you want to write a book?

Do you have a message you want others to hear?

I have been watching as Jeff Goins has taken his blog and turned it into his full time business. It has been incredible to watch. You may remember our interview here.

When Jeff said he was launching his Tribe Writers course, it was a crazy busy time for me. I know, when isn’t it? So, I missed the first class. I heard so many people raving about it, so I decided to sign up for his second course. And I will openly admit, I have not gone through every single lesson, nor have I utilized the resources to their fullest extent. However, I have been through a large portion of the course and it has continued to help me learn and evolve in my writing. I am always learning something new from him!

Jeff is launching his new course next week, and TODAY is the last day to sign up.


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Here are my top 5 reasons I would recommend it.

1. It is organized well.

There are written sessions, audio sessions, conference calls and a forum to interact. Jeff gives you everything you need, but your involvement is up to you.

2. Jeff designed it so you can go at your own pace.

Will he pace you through the course and push you? Yes. But, it’s laid out so you can do it at your own pace, which has worked extremely well for my crazy schedule.

3. It’s affordable!

There are MANY courses out there that claim to offer you what Jeff does. Most of them are much more expensive and the content is not nearly as good. This is a great value for your money if you truly want to improve your writing.

4. Jeff offers a money back guarantee, as well as LIFETIME membership.

Unlike many membership courses, it is not a monthly recurring fee. You pay up front and can be involved in the course for as long as you choose. That is a great deal.

5. Jeff truly wants to help.

He is interactive and responsive to your questions. He wants to help you be a better writer and challenge you to ae accomplish your goals.

You can learn more about Tribe Writers here.

Have you considered taking a course like this? What’s stopping you?