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Life begins right where you are.

Do you think you’re awesome?

“You used to believe you were awesome.”

Jon Acuff


What do you think when you hear that?

Do you think you are awesome?

Do you feel excited about your life?

Many people don’t.

Many people feel stuck. They do not feel awesome. They feel tired. And overwhelmed. And disappointed.

What would you add to the list?





Do you feel anything? Or are you numb?

If you are, it’s okay. I’ve been there. But I want you to try something.

Take a few minutes to think back to to a time when you thought you were awesome. It may have only been a few years ago. Or it may have been in childhood. Think hard.

Do you remember it?

If not, stop and keep thinking.

Did you get it?

What did it feel like?

Did other people have the power to make you feel un-awesome? (yes, I know that’s not a word)

Did you hold your head higher?

Did you believe you could do anything?

Did you feel like you had your whole life ahead of you?

Let’s try an experiment. Keep thinking like this for 24 hours. 1 day. That’s it. Then come back tomorrow and tell me what was different about your day. How you felt. What you did.

What do you think will be the hardest part about this experiment?

I can’t wait to hear from you!





  1. The hardest part is looking at my life and wondering why things haven’t been awesome.

  2. It’s funny that I can remember the exact moment I began to feel “un-awesome”– 6th grade– but it’s hard to pinpoint when, exactly, I felt awesome. I think it comes in waves for me, but it’s a struggle.

    • I hear you Joy. I think 5th/6th grade is when I started to feel it too. It makes me so conscious of it since Jonah is getting close to that age. You are awesome! Believe it!

  3. My UnAwesome moment came 3 years ago when I lost my job. My awesome moment comes when I go to the bank and relize that God is providing my funds!! God is my Awesome!!

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