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An important lesson from my son

Yesterday, my son gave me a big hug and said this.

“I love you because you made me born.”


Of course, as a Mom, this melted my heart.

He loves being alive! He looks at each day as a new adventure. The world is his playground.

I thought about this as the day went on.

Am I this excited every day? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Do I thank God every day for making me born? Do I thank others who are important to me for their role in my life?

I know life can be challenging. I know that we are busy. But, today, let’s stop and say thank you.


Maybe it’s saying thank you to your parents.

Maybe it’s saying thank you to your spouse.

Maybe it’s saying thank you to a friend who has stood by you no matter what.

Maybe it’s saying thank you to your boss for leading you well.

Maybe it’s saying thank you to yourself for not giving up.

Make a phone call.

Write a note.

Send an email.

Send a text.

I am thankful for you, my readers. You inspire me and challenge me and encourage me. I appreciate you so much!


Is saying thank you something you are good at? How can you do one small thing today to say thank you?



  1. Great post. Gratitude may be one of the things we ignore most.

  2. Wondeful, I was proud for you!! And yes we need to tell others we are thankful for them!! Great post (as always)!!

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