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Life begins right where you are.

Look around

When was the last time you noticed something new?

When did you really see the person in line next to you?

When did you stop to help the homeless person on the street?

When did you see the hurt in your neighbor’s eyes?

We are busy. We rush around from here to there. Checking off our to-do lists. Going to work. Taking care of our families.

Photo credit: Creative Commons (timlewisnm)

Photo credit: Creative Commons (timlewisnm)

Did you see?

Did you see your child looking to see if you’re paying attention?

Did you see the person who just needed someone to listen?

Did you see the person that needs hope today?

How can you choose to see something differently today?




  1. I have been so guilty of this lately…thanks for the reminder.

  2. I liked that message, if we would do just the simple things, I believe we could change a whole world.

  3. It seems I have been so caught up in my own fears, worries and concerns that I have not noticed the world around me in a long time.

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