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My Interview with Jeff Goins

I am excited to have my first podcast interview on the blog. I admit it has taken me so much longer to get this up than I expected, but I am excited for you to hear it.

I had the privilege of being on Jeff Goins’  launch team when his book Wrecked first released. You can read my review here. But Jeff was also kind enough to do a live interview with me. This was my first time attempting this and unfortunately the Skype portion did not record as I wanted. However, I was able to record the audio and make my first podcast post.

I am always encouraged when reading Jeff’s blog or speaking with him directly. He cares about helping others, and is a pleasure to interact with. Jeff works for Adventures in Missions, and recently announced that they are planning a mission trip to Guatemala in 2013. Several of my friends are going, and I will be excited to follow their adventure.


We talk about why he wrote the book, how it feels to publish your first book, and Jeff offers his always helpful advice.

Enjoy the interview!

Have you read Wrecked? What questions would you ask Jeff?



  1. I have read Wrecked, and I would recommend it to anyone. As for a question for Jeff, How do you keep the “wreckage” going? I had my own “wrecked” experience last year when I went to Guatemala with a group of students, and I’m currently planning a return trip to the same town this summer with my family. How do you stay “wrecked” in between?

    • I can’t speak for Jeff, but one of the things I continually do is to spend time outside of my comfort zone. Helping at a local homeless shelter, getting to know people in my community who are facing poverty, and helping any way I can.

      • I do that as well. In fact, I was serving in a local homeless shelter earlier this week. I was just responding to your question above in your post. I’d love to hear Jeff’s response.

        • Great question, Jon. As I wrote in the book, I think what it means to be wrecked changes with the different seasons of life we’re in. The thing that I keep coming back to is that we get wrecked when we step into new situations that open our eyes. So wherever I go, I try to “see” what selfishness would normally blind me to. On a practical level, that means stepping IN to the situations that make me uncomfortable. Sometimes, that means changing things up, doing something different. We can, after all, get comfortable doing anything (or most things, anyway).

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Tammy! Great questions. I really enjoyed the interview.

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