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I have talked to quite a few people recently who have brought up the idea of wanting to simplify their life. Some lean towards minimalism, some just want to de-clutter, and some have no idea where to start. I feel like that sometimes, don’t you?

It has been a recurring theme lately.

I want to simplify.

I want to get rid of clutter in my life. I want to do less things so I can be better. I want our lives to be simple. I know that’s usually very difficult to achieve, but I think that moving towards simplicity can be helpful.

I also think it’s one of the reasons I love the beach so much. When I’m at the beach, life seems simple. I love to take walks on the beach. The sound of the waves are soothing, and it’s always calming and beautiful.



I’m learning to simplify things when I can. We’re trying to get rid of extra stuff we no longer need in our house. We’re working towards keeping life as simple as we can.

What about you? How have you simplified? What strategies have worked for you?



  1. Yes I am by saying no to more things and having a season of rest with my family and just spending time with them

  2. I feel you, Tammy. I’ve been surrounded by the theme of simplifying as well.

    I try to simplify by telling myself I don’t need certain items, especially when I have similar, unused items sitting around the house. Re-purposing is another way I try to simplify. I like to find other ways to use a certain item.

  3. We have a large space upstairs in our house that is unfinished. We are starting simply by getting rid of items that are just in the way, so that we can begin to add more usable space.

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