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Today’s guest post is from my friend Jamie. She is so incredibly sweet, and a great singer and songwriter. She describes herself as a recovering worship leader, so I love watching her pursue her dream, and take steps forward. You can connect with her on Twitter or on her blog.


“What kind of guitar do you have?”

This was the last excited question my ENT asked before he left my exam room.

Just thirty minutes before, during a check-up for my ear, I confessed I was a singer. I’m always hesitant to make that bold statement. Like people are going to roll their eyes, seeing me as some kind of carefree hippy that is a burden on society.

My ENT’s reaction was nothing like that. Looking at me excitedly, he asked what kind of music I liked to sing. He proceeded to ask more questions.

“Where’s your heart now?” (This was asked after I told him I had sung classical music in college.)

“Who’s your musical mentor?” (This one really stumped me.)

As our conversation drifted from medical jargon to musical passion, I was stunned. I shared how I really enjoyed acoustic, folk music and he grinned. Apparently he loves that genre too. When I shared I had recently begun writing songs, he asked about the process behind it. I found out he loves guitars. He taught himself to play, mainly as a stress reliever, and even dabbled in writing songs.

I am too shy in sharing my dream. I assume people are going to give me that fake smile and pat me on the head in an, “Isn’t that cute?” kind of way.


Pinterest (Vicente Orjales Padín)

Instead of boldly declaring what I’m passionate about, what I love to do, what brings me to life, I quietly keep it to myself. I assume that people could care less, especially doctors.

Some people might look at me like I’m crazy. But if I assume that, I’m going to miss out on some really cool conversations. I forget that even doctors have hobbies and passions, things that bring them to life. My ENT was more than eager to share about the many guitars he had at home and how he’s always ready to add one more.

I’m working towards being bolder about my dream, speaking about it like it really is important.

Because it is important.


  1. Thanks for having me, Tammy!

  2. Great points Jamie…I tend to shy away from saying, “I’m a writer” because then I feel like the next question will be, “So what have you published?” or “Where can I buy your book?”

    Being bold enough to state it makes it seem more real.

  3. Thanks for writing this Jamie. I love seeing you over here at Tammy’s.

  4. Pursue those dreams Jamie! I look forward to hearing about it during the year.

  5. Jamie, I really enjoyed reading your post. Very honest and heartfelt. I feel the same at times, especially the “Isn’t that cute?” response.

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