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No Excuses

“The word if will drown out your dream.”

                   ~ Matt Chambers


What is your excuse?

The excuse you are using for not following your dreams?

Do you have one?

Are you living the life you want?

If not, is there an excuse you are using that’s preventing you from taking action?

We all have excuses. We all use them.


Photo credit: Creative Commons

Photo credit: Creative Commons


But what if we stopped?

What if we stopped complaining and using excuses when we don’t do something? What if we just acknowledged that we didn’t do it, and then do something different the next time?

Most of us know the areas we need to change in our lives. Maybe it’s diet and exercise. Maybe it’s changing your life by finally taking steps towards your dream. Maybe it’s paying off debt. Maybe it’s waking up earlier. Maybe it’s starting to go to church again. Maybe it’s starting to serve in your community. Maybe it’s spending more time with your family.

It’s different for all of us.

But, whatever it is, there is one step you can take. You most likely already know what it is. Take the step! You can do it.

Let’s start 2013 without excuses. (Tweet that!)

What excuse do you need to conquer today? I’d love to encourage you.


  1. Great motivational post! I really liked your first quote.

  2. Ouch. Way to stomp on my toes there, Tammy. :)

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