Are you ready for Christmas?

Do you still have a few extra gifts to get?

Do you feel like you’ve given something that has made a difference?

One of the neatest things my family and I have been able to experience is supporting our Compassion child. Receiving letters from him and watching him grow has been so neat. We’ve also been blessed to be able to give extra gifts for his family. The stories and the details of what they buy with those extra gifts is always so eye-opening and exciting. His most recent purchase was a pig, goat, rice, and materials to make a pigsty. When my children see this and read the letters, they get an entirely new perspective on what giving really means.

Maybe you can’t make the commitment to sponsor a child right now. That’s okay. I understand that times are difficult for many people. That’s why I love that Compassion also has a gift catalog. It is a way for you to make a difference with one time donation.


They have options that range for small amounts to large.

$13 can help a malnourished child with an emergency feeding

$79 can provide safe drinking water for a child and his family

$40 can care for a child who is waiting for a sponsor

$20 can provide a Christmas gift for a mom and baby

$280 can equip an entire family with livestock

Compassion makes it easy for you to help. Simply go to their website and choose which gift you want.

I am excited to be joining with other Compassion bloggers to help raise $20,000 in gifts for Compassion children. The goal I was given was to raise $100 for children in poverty. I’m increasing that goal to $200.

That’s 20 people giving $10.

Or 10 people giving $20.

Or 2 people giving $100.

I believe in Compassion. I see the work they are doing, and am proud to support helping children living in poverty that we can’t possibly imagine. Would you join me?

The link does not allow me to track donations, so if you can leave it in the comments, or send me a quick email at, I would really appreciate it.

Have you ever given a unique gift to someone in need?