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80 Years

I wrote this poem last year on the 25th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. I thought it was fitting to post it here on what would have been his 80th birthday.

It is so hard to imagine that he would be 80. I sometimes dream about what life would be like if he were still here. If I could ask his advice. If I could spend time with him. I don’t spend much time there, as it is not what I want to focus on.  I imagine what he would look like when I see his brothers. If he aged as they have, which I’m sure he would, he would not look much older than he looked when he left this earth.

What I think about most is the example that he left for me and all of those who knew him.

Be kind to everyone.

Love generously.

Live life fully.

Serve others.

Pay attention to people.

Love unconditionally.

Make a difference.

Follow Jesus’ example.

Celebrate what’s right in the world.

Invest in people. Let them know you appreciate them.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I’m so thankful for his example, and thankful that he was my Dad.

In Memory of Noah E. Zimmerman

December 19, 1932 – February 12, 1986


Your time on earth was way too short

We wanted you to stay

To continue to teach us how to be gracious

And help so many people


Your love for others was evident

In everything you did

We still hear stories of how

Your kindness touched someone

And taught them about friendship and grace


We had you for a short time

And only wish

You had gotten to meet

Your grandchildren, the wonderful next generation


You left them with a spiritual heritage that

Will live on through them

And an example of unconditional love

That we pass on through our experiences


There’s a unique piece of you in all of them


Noah has your spirit, and your name,

Which is an honor in itself


Brandon has your love of the outdoors

And your skill for hunting and fishing


Amelia has your gift of laughter

And sense of fun


Jonah has your eyes and your

Incredible determination


Kaden has your sense of adventure

And never ending love of life


Wyatt is your first great grandchild

With a smile that could rival yours


The years have come

And gone so fast

But your memory lives on

Within all of us

We love you!

The early years

The early years


How we remember you

How we remember you


Mom and Dad's wedding picture

Mom and Dad’s wedding picture

What do you remember most when you think of your Dad?


  1. WOW, He passed away to young!! However, I am glad you can and still remember him!! ps. my dad is in not so good health and I have been working on something like this to do in honor of him!! I really enjoy reading your work!

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