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Graffiti of the heart

I used to look at Graffiti differently. I used to be sad when I saw it. I thought it represented what was wrong in the world. And sometimes I think it still does.

But then I see things like this.

And it is beautiful.

The color and the artistry and the uniqueness draws me in.

For most of my life, I have chosen to take the safe road. Sure, I’ve known people from different sides of the track. I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone now and then. I’ve stopped to help the homeless before. I’ve volunteered at a shelter. I’ve had conversations with people who are different than me. But have I really seen them?

If I’m honest, the answer is no.

I have had the privilege of being on Alene Snodgrass’ book launch team for her new book, Graffiti. It really drew me in. It is a story of how she left her comfy mega-church for an inner city church. During that time, she became friends with a homeless man named Rick.

She got to know him and his beautiful gift of writing. Together, they wrote the book Graffiti. It is an honest reflection of how two people from very different backgrounds and with different stories can truly see each other.

I really enjoyed this book. I needed the remider that we are all unique. We are all loved by God. And He wants us to make a difference. He wants us to embrace who we are and help others see who they truly are.

“To be a difference-maker, you will have to embrace who you are and be different.” Alene Snodgrass

You can pick up a copy of Graffiti here.  You can also follow Alene on Twitter or on her blog.

How have you experienced the reality of homelessness? How has it changed you?


  1. I’m with you, Tammy. Graffiti looks very different to me now. I actually find myself drawn to some of it now that I’ve been challenged by Alene and her book. :)

  2. Alene’s book looks great! Love the quote.

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