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I took this picture on Thanksgiving morning at a 5K Turkey Trot. It was a beautiful morning, and I loved starting the day in this gorgeous setting. This year, I have been working on getting healthy. My goal has been to make exercise a part of my life, and learn to move more and challenge myself.

I’d love to hear about what you have been working on. What have you been challenging yourself to do?

What are you working on that we can help celebrate?

Where are you feeling stuck? Could you use some encouragement?

Nothing energizes me more than hearing stories of how others are facing life and how we can help each other.


  1. Positively Alene

    November 26, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    I love this post girl! I set out to concentrate on being more diligent in my writing this year. I have and it has been a joy to see Graffiti released. But over the last week, what I am to work on next year made its self apparent — that is exercise. I’ll be a year behind you — but I gotta go there. Thanks for the spur on.

    • I am so happy that you released Graffiti! You have inspired me to keep pushing through on my book projects. I have found that regular exercise has really helped me feel better and have more focus. You can do it!

  2. You are rocking it Tammy. It’s so awesome to see you grow in leaps and bounds!!

    I decided to dust off an ebook that I kind of put off to the side because I was a little stuck with it. I’m still probably biting off a little more than I can chew honestly. I’m also working on a short story that just might turn into a novella.

    • Thanks, Jim. Excited about your projects. I relate to the biting off more than I can chew, but I’m trying to prioritize and finish something so i can move on to the next. I know it’s hard when there are so many great things happening. Keep up the great work!!

  3. I look forward to checking it out! Keep pushing through the resistance.

  4. Some raw honesty for ya. I started having a Monday linkup and it has gone ok up til today. Not one single blogger has linked up. ;( boo. On the up side, my blog has doubled in views from last month to this month (and it wasn’t too shabby last month!). THAT is all God. :) AND my Christmas ebook released last year is coming around again. Fun! Currently in the top 50 Christmas ebooks on Amazon. Thanks Tammy, for your generosity in giving freedom to speak of ourselves on your blog. And I LOVE the photo you took.

  5. I am working on helping others and I love LOVE IT! I am a financial coach in my area and was told that this time of year people would probably not be interested in working on their finances because they’re so caught up in the holidays. I am finding out that this is not the case here. People are ready to make a change and want to begin the new year on a great financial path. I am excited to see what God is doing in the lives of others (especially single women). I love that look of hope after speaking to someone. This week I am also presenting a coupon class and would just like your prayers. I would like for people to be praying that this be the time of change. Now, more than ever, is when we need to get our financial lives back in order. We can do it!

    • Awesome Whitney! they offer those from time to time in Burleson down the street from us. My wife is into couponing…not crazy couponing but we do get good stuff a little at a time 😀 It can save a TON of money!

    • That’s awesome, Whitney! It is so true. There are so many of us that need to do a better job with our finances and start being ready to do what God is calling us to do. For us, we have been using the last year as a “strategic readiness”. We are paying off as much as we can, and do whatever we can to live simply and be ready with our finances. Keep up the great work!

  6. What Turkey Trot were you at? I also started running recently. I ran a 5k on Sat.

  7. Honestly? I’m on a serious mission over the next 6 months. The ultimate goal is to put my family in the position financially to where my wife can quit work and stay home with our son. It’s going to be very tough…but with God all things are possible!

    I’ll be kicking it off with 2 weeks of guest posting starting tomorrow via my Guest Post Galore Tour! I’m stoked about it…going to be posting on some awesome sites! Then comes a 10 week blog series about the economy, social media and working in your strengths. During that time I’ll likely be starting a podcast and working on getting some local social media/web design events/workshops going.

    Gonna be tough, like I said, but SO worth!

    • That’s great, Jared! I look forward to following your journey. Guest posting can be so great, and I look forward to your series. Have you checked out Cliff Ravencraft’s podcast blog and information? It is great and full of ideas to get your podcast up and running. Keep me posted on how it’s going!

      • I have actually. My buddy Mike Vardy has given me some tips as well. He’s run a podcast for years. We’ll see how it goes but I’m thinking that I’ll get it running within the next few weeks 😀

        What are YOU working on?

  8. Thank you for sharing your successes this year with us. I, too, need to make exercise a priority next year. This year I have focused on my writing career and God has really blessed me. It’s all Him and not me, but He is opening doors and it’s exciting. I have a steady paying monthly emagazine job and I was signed on by Mantle Rock Publishing for two devotionals. The first one released November 20th: A 40-Day Habit Between Friends: Taking It to the Next Level available on Amazon (print version will be available by Wednesday or Thursday this week) and the next is set to release sometime around December 1st: A 40-Day Habit Between Friends: Because They Need You. They are great stocking stuffers for Christmas and a great book to put in your purse or briefcase as a source of encouragement. I’m excited to see what God has in store for 2013 and how He is planning on using His words (and my typing) for His glory! Thank you again for allowing this time to share our blessings with others and for us to rejoice with each other and be encouraged in how God is working in all our lives. Congratulations everyone! I’m so excited for you all!

  9. Tammy, I recently met some awesome people at the Quitter Conference (*ahem). I’m being more intentional with my writing and taking it seriously. Although, most of what I write isn’t too serious. What I have found is that I can make writing a habit, even when I have to fight and wrestle with it at 5 am. I am amazed at how cathartic it is. I’ve been struggling with putting my work out there. There’s always the voices of fear and doubt, but again the Quitter folks are helping me silence those voices. Just this weekend I launched my blog http://www.writeaftermidnight.com so, personally I want to say thanks, you’ve been one of those encouragers.

  10. I feel like I worked on a lot this year! My health/weight/fitness has been kind of up and down…I accomplished a lot (15K!) but gained a lot of the weight I lost last year when I was under so much stress. I have worked on my blog, and being braver in my posting. I have worked on my master’s degree and will be done SOON. Probably most important is the work we have done on our marriage and in our family….still a MAJOR work in progress, but good work nonetheless.

  11. I’m launching my full time speaking business. Plus I’m getting ready to launch my online course for parents.

  12. Thank you for sharing Tammy! I’m working on several projects to launch this January, they are in the testing phase right now! My calling is to people who know they have a mission in life but feel their physical body is keeping them from being all that God has called them to be. I help these folks create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, normalize their numbers, pass their physical and live they life they know they were called to live. To change their world. The projects I’m working on are called Pass Your Physical and My Busy Healthy Life, both four month fixed term membership programs. My biggest struggle is staying focused! I tend to work on many different things at the same time and then don’t get the forward momentum I really need.

    • thelfrich

      November 27, 2012 at 1:19 pm

      That sounds great! I look forward to hearing more about them. I also struggle with trying to tackle too many things. It’s something I’m really working on right now. To finish something and then go on to the next.

  13. Tammy, what a fun post. I have enjoyed reading through the responses on this! Ahhh….I have had a hoot of a time with our book launch and learning lots along the way. ENJOYING getting to interact with so many fun people. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. It really was treat to read.
    Live Beyond Awesome.
    Twitter @TheIronJen

  14. I’ve been doing great with exercise (1 hr 5-6 days a week on my bike), but not great with eating. When I get busy (hello!) I just stop caring. Praying about this!

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