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Want to be a Quitter?

Welcome to Day Five of Sharing Great Books!

I can’t tell you how much fun I am having this week. I love sharing great books with people. Congratulations to Julie Mitchell and Patty Orwig, who won copies of Courtney Walsh’s Sweethaven books.


If you regularly follow my blog, you know that I have so much respect and admiration for Jon Acuff. He has been such a huge influence on me over the last year. I have followed his blog for several years, and was completely blown away when I read his book Quitter. That led to me attending the first ever Quitter conference. You can read my blog post about how I felt after the first conference here.

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Jon, and he is incredibly down to earth and funny. He has an amazing wife, Jenny, and at the last Quitter conference, I had the honor of meeting and talking briefly with his parents. They are an incredible family.

I had no idea that taking a step to attend that conference would change my life so much. Not only have I learned to dream again and stop settling for an ordinary life, but I have also gained an amazing group of fellow Quitters who have become friends and encouragers. It is very difficult to describe the energy and passion when you are in a room with four hundred other people who want to change the world. It is breathtaking and contagious.

This video shows a brief overview of Jon and the conference. You will even see a brief glimpse of me in there! (This was promoting the last conference in September, so disregard the dates at the end.)

Many people misunderstand the Quitter message simply because of its name. In fact, Jon’s message encourages you not to quit your job until you are truly ready. He shares his advice and experience after quitting the wrong way multiple times.  He wants to help you find your passion and work hard at your dream before you ever quit your job. He also encourages you not to buy into the lie that you have to be miserable in your job now, even if it’s not your dream. In fact, some people may never want to quit their job!

He describes the Quitter community as a group of people who are choosing to “quit an ordinary life.”

“Fear Fears Community”  Jon Acuff


One of the biggest things that Jon focuses on is helping you understand is that we all face fear. We think we are the only ones who face it. However, when we put our fear in the light of day, it can’t survive. When we have community, fear doesn’t stand a chance. Tweet that!

I have so many quotes from Jon that I could share. Here are some of my favorites from my notes taken at the last conference.


I am so honored to give away an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Quitter. This is a book and message that has truly changed my life. I am so excited to share it with one of you. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

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Do you want to quit your ordinary life? I’d love to encourage you!



  1. Listening to the audiobook was amazing. Throughout the book, Jon goes off script and shares a bit more here and there. It’s made me a Quitter.

  2. I like Jon’s posts but have not read his book, Quitter. Would love to win this. I’d love to quit my day job (pharmacist) and follow my passion (speaking and writing) full time. Maybe one day…..

  3. I’d love a copy of this book! I think it would help me as I process my own career and passion paths.

  4. I’ve heard about this book for a long time. I would love a copy. Great lineup of books you are looking at!

  5. I absolutely love Jon Acuff. His book has been on my wish list for a while now, and I would love to win this book!

  6. I just got the chance to speak with Jon yesterday – I would love to read his book.

  7. Loved hearing him speak at the Entreleadership conference a few months ago. Now I just need “Quitter” to find my passion and start doing it!

  8. I’ve heard so much about this book and Jon Acuff – from you! – would love to read his book!

  9. I lov Jon Acuff, saw him at Catalyst Conference in Atlanta in October, only wish he was up longer!

  10. I heard him speak last month at Catalyst. Jon is a genius.

  11. Tammy, I’m starting to see more and more how much you’ve grown. It’s AMAZING being part of the Quitter community with you. Love that you are doing this!!

  12. I heard about this book a while back, through artist Dana Tanamachi. It sounds like a must read for me. Thanks for this giveaway! Id love to be a Quitter!
    monica_ah (at) msn (dot) com

  13. The only thing I haven’t done is attend the Quitter conference. Hopefully the next one.

  14. You have encouraged me. Anytime I hear of someone who went from day job to dream job, I feel in my soul that my day will come to. Just cause it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t. It takes time and hustle, and when I’m prepared, the right opportunity will be there. Thanks, Tammy.

  15. Still haven’t read that book, but it’s on my list.

  16. John is great to listen too as well!

  17. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book an I am happy to hear that it was so influential for you!

  18. This book is on my Christmas list. I’m at such a crossroads in life right now. I NEED to read it.

  19. Not read quitter, but love Jon and follow his tweets!

  20. Great stuff here Tammy!

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