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LifeChangers – Motor!


It’s a series about people like you and me, who decided to do something different.

They decided to change their life, or the lives of others around them.

They are inspiring.

They are making an impact right where they are.

They are passionate.

They are full of life.

And they are willing to share their story.

I am so excited to introduce you to today’s LifeChanger. I am thankful to have friends like Tom, his wife Chris, and their beautiful family. His MOTOR story has been incredibly inspiring to me. I love his passion and have been so encouraged watching him follow their dreams. My hope is that you will be encouraged too.

Tammy: How did MOTOR start?


Early in 2010, I felt the urge to create something that would combat the entitlement mentality I had seen for so many years running a business and also coaching high school football. In football, you will often hear the term used like “He’s got a motor.”

It means he’s uncommon.

He brings a work ethic and effort that stands out.

He’s not necessarily the most talented player.

He’s the one who outworks everyone.

MOTOR started as an apparel company in hopes of spreading the MOTOR mindset around…inspiring others to bring their MOTOR to everything they do. Through a series of crazy events, MOTOR has become much more than that now. We are a motivational speaking & business coaching company helping people to see, lead and execute in uncommon ways.

Tammy: What was the driving force behind MOTOR?


I see too many individuals not living or performing up to their potential. Mediocre service is far too common and too many people settle for average lives. The driving force is to help people expect more of themselves and their companies…to MOTORhard and be uncommon.

Tammy: How have you changed since starting MOTOR?


I have recognized many ways that I personally needed to step it up. I have had my eyes opened to the possibilities around me since I’ve really dug into this project. I’ve also become more positive as I look for ways to encourage others.

Tammy: What are some of the challenges you’ve experienced?


I didn’t have a lot of time or money to start this with. That was challenging. But the biggest challenge was my own thinking.

What I’ve found is that money and time limit our creativity…so it’s better to not have a lot of it in the beginning.

I’ve really had to push through the ‘head trash’ and find creative ways to bring this message to people. The cool thing is how many people are embracing the MOTOR mindset.

People are tired of mediocrity. They want more from themselves.   Tweet that!

The other big challenge I had was finding my voice. I had so much in my head for so long and had a hard time creating my vision for MOTOR in a way that I could communicate with others. That took months and it changed a few times too!

Tammy: What advice would you give to someone who feels stuck or defeated?


If you’re stuck, just do something. Anything.

Just start.

A body in motion tends to stay in motion…so create some motion! If you’re feeling defeated, realize it’s a feeling. You’re beaten only when you agree to be beaten. Get up and get over it. We all get the crap kicked out of us from time to time. Losing, or getting beaten, can teach us many lessons. Hopefully the one you learn the fastest is that it sucks to lose! You can avoid it by putting the work in to get better. Eventually, everything will click and you’ll put it all together and get a WIN!

I have had the opportunity to help business owners take control of their companies and implement things that will take them to an elite level in their industry. That is MOTOR in motion.

Tammy: What kind of clients do you typically work with?


I look for people who are coachable. They want to learn and they want to work. Because of that they will have success. Ideally, they feel they have more to offer and just need some guidance in a few key areas like how they spend their time or how they lead their teams.

Tammy: How can we help you?


Be uncommon.

Take the MOTOR Pledge and inspire others to do the same.

Tom is a LifeChanger. If you want to learn more about Tom and MOTOR, check out his website, or connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.

My friends at The Blank Canvas Tour also spent some time with him on their tour this summer. Click here to see his inspiring interview.


  1. Great post, Tammy! I like Tom’s advise to “be uncommon.” Too many people out there are just trying to fit in, to look & act like everyone else. Not me. Tom’s words remind me of scripture – that we are “a peculiar people.”
    Looking forward to reading more stories of other lifechangers!!

  2. I love the “a body in motion tends to stay in motion” reference here. So true.

    Going to check “Motor” out right now! Thanks for introducing me to them Tammy.

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