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5 Ways to Enjoy the Process More

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I have been on a journey over the last year that has helped me realize something about myself.

I love to write.

With the help of people like Jeff Goins, I have even learned to say, “I am a writer.” And I actually believe it!

It has been quite an incredible journey. It’s been exciting and scary and unbelievable at times. But, I feel like I am continuing to grow and learn. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is about the process of creating. Since I hadn’t considered myself creative for a long time, I wasn’t really expecting some of the other challenges that can come with being creative.

Some of these challenges can include ongoing periods of self-doubt. Or, learning to manage your time to be creative, because it’s radically different from your day job. Another challenge can be understanding that you may not always enjoying the process of creating. In fact, it can be extremely frustrating and hard!

 “The process of making art is as valuable as the art itself.”  Yoko Ono

But if you are continually frustrated, you aren’t enjoying the processing of making art. And if you don’t make time to create, you will never start. If you continually doubt yourself, you will not be allowing your true creativity to come through.

How can you enjoy the process more?

1. Dedicate time. It can be as little as 30 minutes per day. If it is important, you need to make time for it.

2. Find other creative people. Start sharing stories and encourage each other.

3. Start. This is half the battle sometimes. Just start something!

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. Where you are starting is different from where someone else is. Many times, they’ve been on their journey much longer. Don’t trap yourself in the comparison game.

5. Believe that your creativity matters. The world needs to hear it, or see it, or experience it. There is something that God has uniquely created you to bring to the world. Start figuring out what it is. Then, do it!

What valuable lessons have you learned about your own process of creativity?


  1. all of these are valuable points! Appreciate them all. Can’t wait to look through your blog! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this post, Tammy. So many of the feelings you had when you first started seeing yourself as creative are the same feeling I had! So thankful you chose to step out of your comfort zone and start creating. You, my friend, are a writer! Thanks for linking up too!

  3. This is very good advice to all who have a creative gift to use. I will take it to heart. Thanks for sharing these simple steps.

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