I have had the honor of being on Mary DeMuth’s book launch team for her new book, Everything. This was the third book of Mary’s that I have read, and her writing really speaks to me. She is so honest and it feels like you are having a conversation with her.

The launch team was great. I loved getting to know so many of them. Some of them are in this video trailer to the book. Check it out!

You can also see all of the other posts from her Blog Tour here.

As I often do with good books, I found myself underlining quote after quote. The parts that really stuck out to me had to do with growth. So many of us tend to think we have it all figured out. We know Jesus. We worship him and know all the right things to say. But, do we really know Him? Are we allowing Him to be our everything and to help us grow?

For a long time I wasn’t. I think that’s why I like this book so much. I now continually see God helping me grow. Helping me to see where He needs to work in my heart. Helping me see where I need to change.

Here are some of the quotes that really resonated with me.

“But to become more like Jesus we must understand that the only growth we can be in charge of is our own.”

“Worry is needless. It doesn’t enhance our lives, give us joy, or produce a longing for renewal. It simply looks at the existing stress lurking in our lives, enlarges it to monster proportions, then immobilizes us from growth.”

“My husband and I, after several years in ministry, have come to this conclusion: the hallmark of growth in a Christian’s life is self-awareness. Not the kind of awareness where we vaguely acknowledge that we sometimes sin, but the ability to take a soul inventory with a view toward growth.”



“Jesus frees me from my overcritical self.”

Crazy growth comes when we realize God’s ownership.”

“At times I sensed God’s hand, but most of what He required of me was blind obedience.”

“Yet the truth remains: we grow in community’s embrace.”

This one is my favorite. I truly believe this. I don’t think we grow nearly as much if we are not in community. If we are not talking and sharing and living life with people who support us and challenge us, I don’t believe we grow significantly.

I would highly recommend picking up Mary’s book. You can check out the first chapter for free here. Until Tuesday, October 23rd, Mary is offering bonuses of up to $246.90 with the purchase of her book. You can pick it up at any retailer or online here. Then just send the receipt to EverythingPromo@ThomasNelson.com for the bonus materials.

I am so thankful to Mary DeMuth for her incredible writing and willingness to share her story. She is an inspiration and I am proud to have the opportunity to interact with her and support her. Keep up the great work, Mary!

Over the last week, Mary has also been facing some incredible struggles with the illness of her daughter, Julia. You can read more about it here. Would you also remember Mary and her family in your prayers as they still wait for answers and as Julia continues to get healthy? I know she greatly appreciates it.

Did any of these quotes resonate with you? I’d love to hear from you.