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Are We Really Special?

I am very excited to have my friend, Christine Niles, guest posting today.  Christine is living her dream and making a difference in the world. She is a writer and corporate refugee with a heart for orphans, and a mother of two girls adopted from Ukraine at ages 12 and 14.  She is also the author of “The Secret No One Tells You: a manifesto for the discouraged.”  Christine blogs about adoption, parenting, and making a difference in the world at www.riverofthoughts.com.  Follow her on Twitter @croyseniles.

In a world where self-esteem is king and we win trophies for simply getting out of bed and participating, our radar begins to pick up on the surreality of it all, and it’s easy to doubt, to stop believing in our hearts that we are, indeed special.

If everything is special, how can anything be special?

How can *we* be special?

How can *I* be special?

But the truth? In God’s eyes,

we. are. all. special.

He knows the number of hairs on our heads.

He knows how we will spend our days.

He knows the plans he has for us.


Even though our human minds perceive special as rising above the mundane, God is infinitely more capable.  To him, each one of his children is precious. unique.


Are you feeling less than special today?



  1. Most days, I don’t feel one bit special, thanks for this reminder sis. :)

  2. I’m feeling tired, which usually leads to less than special feelings.

  3. Feeling less than special by feeling like I’m squandering God’s love for me. Not necessarily taking it for granted, but more so wasting the opportunity I’m being given. I know this too shall pass, but you asked!!!!

  4. Thanks for reminding us all that we’re special. You, my friend, are special too. :)

  5. Just words my soul needs to hear this morning. Special!!! I need to reach out and embrace that – claim it – mean it – live it! Thanks.

  6. Thank you, Christine! I loved this post. Such a great reminder!

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