I need a break!

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The last few months have been super busy. This is nothing new, as we seem to all lead such busy lives these days.

So, I am taking a break.

A break from blogging.

A break from social media.

A break from everything that gets me out of focus.

I am continually reminded about what my Pastor says.

Change of pace + Change of place = Change of perspective

I am really looking forward to a change of perspective by taking some time away.

One of the awesome things I love about blogging, though, is sharing it with others. So, while I will be taking a break, I am excited for you to hear from some awesome people who have great things to share over the next week.

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Enjoy your week, and I look forward to coming back with a new perspective!



  • Tara Rolstad

    Love it, Tammy. Take good care of yourself and returned renewed. I love your pastor’s equation, as I am finding myself looking for easy ways to change my place and get a new perspective in more of my days.

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