Yesterday, I shared my visual notes from the Quitter conference. I was blown away by the positive responses, because I was really nervous to share them.

Isn’t it amazing how fear tries to tell you that what you are doing is nothing? That it’s not good enough? Every time I do something that pushes me out of my comfort zone, I am always surprised and encouraged.

I had the privilege of attending Story in Chicago last Thursday before heading to Quitter. This was my third time at Story. Each year has been different, and I was so excited about the speakers, as well as meeting Twitter friends in person. Being able to hear from Bob Goff, Erwin McManus, and Anne Lamott all in one day is pretty incredible! Ben Arment and his team did an amazing job, as always. If you have never been, I highly recommend it. Oh, and I won a prize! I rarely win anything. I won a website redesign, which is pretty awesome. Thanks, Story!

Here are my visual notes. Enjoy!

Bob Goff


Download the pdf here: bobgoff

Erwin McManus


Download the pdf here: erwinmcmanus

Anne Lamott 

Download the pdf here: annelamott

I am big fans of all of these speakers, and really enjoyed each of their sessions. They have incredible insight and share honestly about their struggles and successes.  I even got to meet and get a hug from Bob Goff, which made my day!


I loved meeting Bob!

What fear is holding you back? Face it today.