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LifeChangers – Translating Hope



It’s a series about people like you and me, who decided to do something different.

They decided to change their life, or the lives of others around them.

They are inspiring.

They are making an impact right where they are.

They are passionate.

They are full of life.

And they are willing to share their story.


I am excited to introduce you to today’s LifeChanger, Jill Davis. She is an incredible person who decided to do something with this 27th year of her life. She is making a difference. Her birthday wish is to translate the book of John into the heart langauge of the Ehty people in South Asia. Here’s my interview that will share more about her awesome story.

Tammy: How did the idea for Year27 start?

Jill:  Last fall, I realized that my birthday would fall on 12-12-12 – a unique date if you ask me! It started with the idea to just throw a big party that day. For some reason, the idea to do something big popped into my mind. How could I get a bunch of people to celebrate my birthday and have a huge impact? I started praying about it and brainstorming. A couple of years ago, I started doodling Bible verses when I read my Bible. I wouldn’t do them everyday, but whenever I would post them on my blog, I would get all kinds of encouraging responses. I’m not sure how I finally got to the final idea – but the basics are this: doodle a verse everyday + post on the blog + use social media and all connections to raise awareness to the fact that many people around the world do not have the Bible in their own heart language + translate the book of John into the heart language of the Ehty people in South Asia.

Tammy: How did you decide which charity to work with?

Jill: One Verse is an organization that works with Bible translation companies around the world to bring the Bible to people groups that do not have it in their own heart language. They have figured out the cost to translate a Bible and broken this down into a verse-by-verse cost. I can think of many different times in my life where a single verse has given me hope, peace, an ability to forgive, boldness or trust. I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have the opportunity to hear or read about the hope found in Christ in my own language. Because I believe in this company and their endeavour to bring the Bible to the rest of the world, it was easy to decide who I would support through my birthday project. – Year 27.

Tammy:  What impact has this had on your life over this past year?

Jill: Well, sketching verses everyday takes up a lot of time. I wasn’t expecting that. When I sketch a verse, I try to make it about something that I have either read that day or the day before or something that my pastor is teaching. The commitment to this blog has actually led to a commitment to read my Bible on a daily basis. When I sketch something that is speaking to me personally, it also helps me to memorize scripture. I’ve seen God’s Word pop into my head when I really needed it.


One of my favorites pieces from Jill


Tammy: What has surprised you most about this process?

Jill: Connecting with people from all over the world. I expected my friends and family to find out about Year 27, but I never expected a girls minister from Northern Ireland or a talented graphic designer in New Zealand to find out about it.

Tammy: How can we help?

Jill: Get involved! Follow me on Twitter (@whatsthejillio) and read the post updates everyday.

Tell EVERYONE you know about Year 27 and how they can be a part of translating the Bible for the Ehty people of South Asia.

Give! You can sponsor Bible translation at Year 27. Our goal at Year 27 is to translate the equivalent of the book of John – that’s 879 verses at $26/verse!

Tammy: How can we pray for you?


– For the Ehty people of South Asia: Some Ehty Christians are working to translate the Bible into their own heart language. They also endure heavy persecution for their faith in God. Pray that God will give them the strength that they need to persevere.

– That God will provide all that is needed for this project: funds, creativity, a larger audience.

– That God’s Word will begin to penetrate the hearts of the Ehty people – that the truth found inside will be exactly what they have been waiting to hear and that they will boldly step forward to trust Christ.


Thank you, Jill, for being such a great example of doing something! You inspire me.

Do you have questions or comments for Jill?




  1. What a creative idea! And, you are right, I can’t imagine if we didn’t have access to Scripture in our language. Thank you for sharing your ministry with us, Jill!

  2. This is amazing! What an incredible heart and committment!

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