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Team Jamie Race for the Cure

I had the honor of racing with Team Jamie in the Kansas City Race for the Cure a few weekends ago. This race is always special, as I race with my friend Jamie’s family and friends. Jamie was a friend who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2011. You can read a one of my posts here, or read more about her story on her website, Loving Pink, or Jamie’s Wish.

As many of you know, Jamie’s life and death greatly impacted me. You will continue to hear me talk about the lessons I learned from her, as well as some really exciting ways we will be honoring her memory moving forward.

But, for today, I’d love to share some highlights of that day with you. There is something really unique about racing with 20K other people who are supporting women currently facing breast cancer, survivors, and honoring memories of those who lost their battle with this dreadful disease. Most of us know at least one if not multiple women in our lives who have been impacted by it. It makes it extra special to race with my friends and a group of Team Jamie supporters.


Carrie, me, Aaron (Jamie’s husband), Carla and Denice


Proud to be able to run this race!

In Memory of Jamie

Thank you to all of the people who supported me in donations to continue to help fight this disease. My wish is that a cure for cancer is coming soon.

Have you been impacted by breast cancer?


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve walked a few times for breast cancer and Juvenile diabetes.
    My father lost his battle to brain cancer in 2008.

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