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Purpose Pursuit

From Tammy: This is a guest post by Joseph Iregbu. Joseph leads on purpose and is passionate about helping others discover, pursue and live the God-intended life. He is a writer and a Coach and Mentor to young leaders. He is the author of the book Even in the Well, husband to Temi and father to a new-born Isabel-Juda. They live in Germany. Connect with him on Twitter or visit his Landing Page.


All of life is to be lived for something. I have heard people say to me:


“I don’t believe in ‘purpose pursuit’. I don’t believe I am on earth for any specific reason. I will live, die and go my way.”


Do you REALLY believe you’re an accident? Are you REALLY convinced that all of life is empty? Read this:


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…” Jeremiah 1:5


Jeremiah once stood where you stand today or will tomorrow. He was oblivious of his purpose until God called him. You are not alone.


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Life is comprised of three groups of people:

·        those who know their purpose in life and are living it

·        those who know their purpose and aren’t living it, and

·        those who have no clue.


Where do stand today? Whatever your experiences, you most likely fit into one of the three categories.

The tragedy of life is such that if you fail to discover your heartbeat, you may waste your life. If you fail to discover your purpose, someone else will give you activities that will occupy you to no gain.


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Two years ago, I was preparing to speak at a church in London and I heard God say to me clearly:


“Your secular job is not your purpose; I gave you that job as an enabler to help you keep pursuing the real reason I created you.”


That experience changed my life.


Your job, education, marriage and successes are only enablers. Don’t mistake them for your life’s purpose in themselves. To discover your divine purpose, you must pursue God. When you do, you will discover how He wants you to influence change in your world and live a fulfilled life.


Be mindful of these key truths:

·    Don’t accept a lie that says you’re insignificant.

·    Don’t live a fantasy that assumes that life is a game.

·    Don’t settle for less; keep pushing until you discover what you were wired for.


Keep pushing until you’ve unpacked the bag of potentials God gave you when He formed you. Go on to discover what sets you apart from the rest of us. You are too important to God to waste your life.You are too important to the world to waste your presence. We need you; but first, discover yourself.


Question: What significant step(s) do you take everyday towards achieving your purpose?


  1. Thanks Tammy for having me share with your audience. What a privilege!

  2. Great post, Joseph! “Keep pushing until you unpacked the bag of potentials God gave you when He formed you.” Nice. I see a common theme in what I’m reading today…potential.

  3. Great post Joseph!

    One thing I do everyday is trust God with the journey. It’s one thing to discover purpose, quite another to pursue, yet another to see aspects of it fulfilled. I am blessed and excited that He who promised is faithful to His word, every day of my life.

    Thanks for sharing this today!

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