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Friday Guest Posts

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It’s another double guest post Friday. I have the privilege of stopping by two friends’ blogs. Seriously, I can’t get over the neat people that I have met recently through book launch teams. I am learning so much from them, and have loved getting to know them better.

If you are stopping by from Pilar or Sundi Jo’s blogs, welcome! I look forward to connecting with you.


1. Stop by and check out my post on my friend Pilar’s blog. She is one of the sweetest and sincere people I have met. She is so encouraging and such a joy to get to know. She has been a huge encourager to me lately. She lives in New York, and has two boys very similar to the ages of my boys. Stop by and check out her blog.

2. Sundi Jo has really inspired me lately. She has lost over 145 pounds! Wow!!! Check out my post on her blog, but also be sure to check out her ebook titled “Step Away from that diet”. It is really good, and goes right along with how I have been on a journey to get healthy over the last year.

Thank you ladies, for having me as a guest on your blogs. I appreciate it!


Thank you for continuing to read and share your thoughts with me. Have a great Friday!


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  1. It’s a pleasure, truly. Thank you!

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