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Wrecked – When a Broken World slams into your Comfortable life

I had the privilege of being chosen as a member of Jeff Goins’ book launch team. I was able to read an advance copy of Wrecked: When a Broken World slams into your Comfortable life. It is being released today, and Jeff is offering $158 of bonus materials if you buy the book between today and August 4th. You can get more details on the bonuses here.

I have followed Jeff Goins’ blog for just over a year now. I have learned so much from him. Like how to finally call myself a writer, and how to write more effectively and with passion. I also had the opportunity to interact with him as part of Michael Hyatt’s Platform launch team. So, I was more than happy to sign up to be a part of his launch team, and I was honored to be chosen.

This book is not an easy reading, summer novel. You should be able to figure that out from the title. This book is about getting wrecked. It’s about learning that many of us are too comfortable in our lives. And that God wants to use us to impact others. In ways that many of us have not thought about before. This book will challenge you to think differently.

Jeff describes how he has had his life was wrecked in different situations by stepping out of his comfort zone. Traveling internationally, getting to know the homeless, and choosing to see what everyone else around him was ignoring: hurting people.

And Jeff doesn’t just talk about his experience. He challenges you to do something that is not easy. He challenges us to start committing to something outside of ourself.

“This is a crucial tenet to living a wrecked life: learning confidence in the face of insecurity and inadequacy. ” Jeff Goins

This book will encourage you to evaluate your life and make a decision. Do you want to continue living a comfortable life without meaning? Or will you choose to be Wrecked?

I choose to be Wrecked.

How have you been Wrecked?



  1. Thanks Tammy! You motivated us Orchard ladies to do this book for our next book study:)

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