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Motivation Monday

I have been so inspired by people getting healthy lately. I realized this weekend that I now know multiple people who have lost over 100 pounds. That is truly amazing!!

In addition to these inspiring people, I also have many, many friends who are working hard to get healthier. They are losing ten, twenty, fifty, and seventy-plus pounds. They are challenging themselves to do things that they’ve never done. They’re starting to workout, they’re starting to run, or they’re training for marathons or a triathlon. That is so motivating to me!

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Part of the reason I am surrounded by these people is because I am in the midst of learning to be healthier myself. I am working out more, and have just passed the one year anniversary of my decision to become healthier and more active. The other reason is that I am paying attention. I’m noticing when people are making healthier changes. I’m asking them about it. I’m curious to know what is working for others.


For many of us, these stories help inspire us to make changes.

It can be something small.

You start taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

You walk around the parking lot.

You sign up for a race.

You start eating healthier.

You make a decision to change.

But the key to all of this is realizing that you have to take a step. It is not just going to happen. You need to do something different. Something new. But the great news is that sometimes the first step is the hardest. After that, you gain confidence and realize that you can take another step. And another.

What step do you need to take today? I’d love to encourage you!




  1. I definitely could be healthier. I use my little kids as an excuse for not working out. Kinda pathetic.

  2. There are so many steps I need to take, it’s quite overwhelming. A few years ago I joined the Y, took Zumba classes a couple nights a week, and only lost 15 lbs in 6 months. It was disappointing. So I quit. I know there are serious changes I need to make as I’m 155 lbs overweight. But I have no motivation to do so. Sad, but true.

    • You can do it, Denise. Just start small. One step turns into two. Find someone to help keep you accountable. Have you tried myfitnesspal? It’s an app that tracks your food and workouts. You can scan barcodes. It’s a simplified version of Weight watchers for me. I also stay off the scale. I focused on working out, slowly but steadily and worked towards getting healthy vs being on a diet. I also listen to a podcast called Inside Out weight loss. It’s free on itunes and is like a personal therapy session! One small step. i know you can do it!

      • I use the myfitnesspal app too when I’m trying to lose weight. Do you know if you can change it so it tracks points rather than calories? I record the points but the graph looks like a flat line since it’s expecting calories.

        I also just put out an iPhone app called I Deserve a Donut that helps in the moment of temptation. It changes my desires right when I need it!

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