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Parenting is hard

I recently wrote about how nobody told me how parenting would change my life. Luckily, so many of those things I wrote about were when the kids were younger.

Now, the challenges are different. I realize as my kids get older, and I see them in new situations, that they are incredibly unique.

Their personalities have always been there.

I’ve always known they were different.

Night and day different.

But now I’m really seeing their personalities and how God designed them. And I am continually learning how to adapt.

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One is strong-willed. The other is extremely active and physical. They have different needs. They react to things in completely different ways. I am continually trying to adjust to help teach and empower them.

And then I wonder.

Am I overanalyzing them?

Are we becoming overly critical of our kids?

Are we constantly looking for something to be wrong with them or for things that separate them from others?

I honestly don’t know. I think some people definitely look for things that are wrong with their kids because their kids aren’t what they expected them to be. And I think sometimes parents don’t know what to do. I know I’ve certainly felt that way. Many times.

I want my kids to learn early in life what makes them unique, what makes them special, and to use the gifts they’ve been given. Beyond that, I’m still figuring it out.

What is the hardest part of parenting for you?


  1. Ughhh! The hardest part for me is trying to not kill my 3 yr old’s spirit and still teach her right from wrong.

  2. The surrendering to His will and laying down my wants.

  3. LOL – I don’t have to look to find their faults… those are always too obvious. I try to spend more time looking for their good qualities and seeing their potential. I suppose the hardest part (?- or at least the part I spend the most time and effort on) is trying to get THEM to see their potential and work toward making it more a reality.

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