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My friend Jim Woods nominated me for a Kreativ blog award last week. I was floored and honored! Jim writes a great blog about how he found his “unknown” creative side. He also helps others find the “unknown” aspect of their lives through Creative coaching. He is an incredible encourager, and a super nice guy. To pay this forward, I am choosing to share 7 things about me, as well as 7 blogs that inspire me.

Things you may not know about me:

1. I have played the piano since I was 4. I can play almost any sheet music you put in front of me (not as well as I used to!), but cannot play chords or by ear at all.

2. I wanted to be a funeral director when I was younger.

3. I have recently started running, and am really liking it. I am running the Warrior Dash in two weeks!

4. I rarely watch TV.

5. I was a miracle baby, born 17 years after my parents were married, and after they had adopted my sister and brother.

6. I STINK at video games!

7. I say crazy things in my sleep. Just ask my husband.

Seven inspirational blogs:

1. Kristen Keyser – Kristen writes about living a better story by sharing hers. She is incredibly motivating, and shares great book reviews. She and I continue to find that we have similar interests and stories. She writes at www.theycallmekeeks.com

2. Stephanie Ho – Stephanie writes very honest posts about life and trying to live positively. She is also an incredible photographer. She has taken many of our family pictures, and recently took my new headshots. She writes at www.positivelymemyselfandi.blogspot.com

3. Christine Niles – Christine writes a beautiful blog about orphan issues and making a difference in the world. She is an incredible encourager, and a great writer. She writes at www.riverofthoughts.com

4. Tom and Chris Reber – These two are some of the most positive, enthusiastic people I know. They have a company called Motor, which is all about being extraordinary and honoring UNCommon effort. They also have an incredible story. You can learn more about them at www.motorhard.com and www.motorhard.com/the-motor-mama.

5. Grant and Kellee Keys – They write about living radically, and just became foster parents for the first time. They are sharing their incredible journey through it all. Their faith and determination are inspiring! They write at www.radicalkeys.wordpress.com.

6. Heidi Kreider – I recently met Heidi through Michael Hyatt’s Platform Book launch team. We clicked pretty quickly. She writes about learning to live a life of grace and unwrapping God’s presence in her life. I am currently in the middle of reading her novel, which is really good. You should check it out! She writes at www.heidikreider.com

7. Pilar Arsenec – I also met Pilar through Michael Hyatt’s Platform Book launch team. What an encourager this woman is! She is full of life, and is so incredibly sweet. She writes at www.inhisloveministries.blogspot.com

Thanks again to Jim for such an honor. What blogs inspire you?


  1. Tammy, I loved reading this post. So amazing that you are a miracle baby. I am not surprised because you are one blessed and special lady. I am grateful to have met you by being part of the team and also through Jim whom I esteem very much. Thank you for your kind words, you absolutely made my day.

  2. Thanks, Tammy!! You are the best. : )

  3. Thank you, Tammy! I appreciate your kind words and am inspired by your story!

  4. Thanks, Tammy! I am touched and humbled!!

    I loved learning more about you as well!

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