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Brag it up!

I love to hear about exciting things that are happening to people around me. It energizes me. And I love to encourage people who are doing unique things.

But what I often find is that people are scared to speak up. They don’t want to appear self-centered. They are afraid they will disappoint themselves or others around them if they don’t finish what they are excited about doing.

Today is all about YOU!

I want to hear what you are excited about.

I want to hear what’s going great in your life.

I want to hear your dream.

I want to hear about something awesome that you just accomplished.

I want to hear about that new project you’re starting.

Today is all about shameless self promotion with no regrets!

Ready, set, GO!




  1. People ARE scared to speak up for themselves. I know I am. In fact, I’m having a hard time even coming up with something to include here. I feel like I’m on the edge of something good with my writing, though. This is a weird, brag, I know…it’s nebulous and ambiguous and very unfocused. I really don’t know exactly how God is going to put this one together, but I just feel Him lining things up. So I just keep getting up in the mornings and putting my fingers to the keyboard. We’ll see where He leads…..

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