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Your gifts

Do you ever feel like you want to do something different?

Like you are not making a difference where you are?

Do you think – if God had me somewhere else, doing something else, living my dream – THEN I’d really be able to help people?

Sometimes I think that can be true. If you’ve gotten yourself in a position where you are completely stifled. You’re numb. You’re unhappy. And you don’t think you can change.You’re most likely not helping anyone when you’re in the state of mind. But that can change.

I’ve recently gone through experiencing some of this. I felt like there was something completely different that I should be doing. I felt like God would only use me if I chased a big dream and did something radical. The problem was I didn’t have a big dream in the same sense that many people do. I never wanted to be an actor, or a missionary, or write songs.

“Steward the talents you’ve been given and enjoy the surprises along the way.”  ~Jon Acuff

As I look back now, my deep down desire has always been to help people. To encourage them to do something more with their life. And in some small way, change the world. But how do you make a living doing that?

I’ve realized something through the help of prayer, Jon Acuff and Quitter, and talking with some of my support group. Sometimes, God has you right where he wants you. He just wants you to start truly seeing the people around you. To stop having surface relationships. To start showing people how much you care about them. To remember the gifts he gave you in the first place. And to use them.

This has been a revelation to me. One of my main gifts is encouragement. I have been doing an okay job of it. But there is always so much more I can do if I am truly looking to see the needs around me and obey when prompted.

This has already led to fun projects that I have been able to plan, as well as individual engagement with people I never could have imagined.

So, what are your gifts?

What is one thing that you can start doing today to impact people right around you? It’s usually much simpler than you think.


  1. I can be more present when anyone is speaking to me. I tend to be thinking about all the things I have to do and not really listening to what another person is saying. It is especially hard with family, because they are always there. But they won’t always be there, so I want to be present when they are.

  2. Like you Tammy, I’m an encourager too. I also try to motivate and inspire others. It’s so gratifying helping others fulfill their dreams!!

  3. I’m not very good at deep relationships either, most of mine are surface relationships. That is something I would like to be better at.

  4. Yes, I love this post, Tammy! My small group just talked about purpose and how our purpose is to be servants, no matter where we are (drawing from the example of Jesus washing His disciples feet).

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